The Web of Things

I have been working on a specification over at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) entitled ‘Network Service Discovery’ that proposes a set of simple JavaScript-based interfaces for discovering and subsequently connecting to HTTP services within the current network. This is a standards-driven approach to enable the concept of creating a universal Web of Things.

You can view the latest published version of the specification @

All work on this specification happens in the W3C Device APIs Working Group. If you would like to be involved in the process of creating this specification then you can subscribe to the W3C Device APIs mailing list and mail in your comments.

Opera have released a prototype of the Network Service Discovery API (according to the 4th October 2012 draft version of the specification). Head over to the Opera Developer Relations blog post to download this build for Mac, Windows and/or Linux and for further details on getting the provided demos up and running.

I also took the liberty of creating a JavaScript-based UPnP connection library that I have called This library is open-source and has been released with an MIT license. is fully forkable on Github.

All feedback is welcome!

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